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Transformational Change: It's Not Just About People

By Dr. Dean Anderson March 4, 2016

I hear change management specialists saying all the time things like, “It all comes down to people. If our leaders would just focus on people, then our transformational change efforts would all succeed.”

I know that many professionals believe those words.

For me, they give me heartburn.

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Effective Transformational Change Must Embrace The Entire Elephant — Not Just Its Part

By Dr. Dean Anderson November 6, 2015

You have likely heard the question, “How do you eat an elephant?” With the answer being, “One bite at a time.” Transformational change is often approached the same way…mistakenly.

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A Case for Global Change

By Dr. Dean Anderson September 23, 2015

Global Change: Your inner world, your inner culture

As you evolve and your seeing becomes both broader and deeper, you begin to realize that change is very similar at all levels of reality.

Personal change parallels the same dynamics that occur in organizational change, which also models planetary change pretty darn well. The difference is scale.

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