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Creating Effective Change Governance for Your Change Initiative: Who's in Charge of What?

By Linda Ackerman Anderson December 19, 2016

Change initiatives need the same clear and thoughtful governance as your organization’s operations. It may seem obvious that establishing change governance is important for a change initiative to be successful, but planning for it is often skipped in the rush to get started. Leaders may press for a plan of action that does not include effective governance to get a solution designed and deployed as quickly as possible. This is faulty thinking! Effective governance must be created from the very beginning to enable speed, efficiency, and effectiveness in designing and executing change. 

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Are These Mistakes Getting in the Way of Leading Transformational Change Successfully?

By Linda Ackerman Anderson December 12, 2016

After more than three decades of supporting executives in organizations undergoing transformational change, we are in a unique position to recognize common mistakes in how change is being led across industries. Many of our clients ask how we can so readily name the challenging dynamics they face without having worked inside their organizations. The answer is, these are common mistakes, and they are not unique to any one organization.  

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Ensure Employee Commitment to Change Initiatives: Creating Relevance and Meaning

By Linda Ackerman Anderson December 6, 2016

Most organizations have many change initiatives occurring at once, in all parts of the organization, large and small – all making demands on people. Employees know they are being asked or pressured to change, but they often do not know why in terms that are meaningful to them. This makes it difficult for them to have a personal commitment to change. Leaders often interpret lack of employee commitment as resistance, but it is more likely stakeholders not understanding why the changes are essential to the success of the business, and importance of their role in it. 

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Is Leading Your Organization’s Change Like Herding Cats? Create an Integration Strategy and Alignment

By Linda Ackerman Anderson December 1, 2016

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The absence of an overall initiative alignment and integration strategy results in change being run through multiple, separate, or competing sub-projects. It also results in initiatives being led as independent efforts, even when many may interface or impact one another or the same parts of the organization.This demonstrates a lack of sufficient alignment and integration among all the changes required for an overall change program. Without it, leading transformational change can be more like herding cats.  What is needed is making them all a part of one unified effort with an overall change strategy that integrates outcomes, plans, resources, and pace

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Launching Change Initiatives: How to Set Them Up for Success from the Start

By Linda Ackerman Anderson October 31, 2016

Launch Your Change Initiatives on a Sound Foundation 

Launching your change initiative on a sound foundation is essential to speed, cost containment, good stakeholder engagement, and to achieving your desired outcomes. We have identified several actions for creating a solid foundation for your change initiative: 

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Up-Level Your Change Consulting Skills: Go Beyond Change Management to Change Leadership

By Linda Ackerman Anderson October 24, 2016

Most organizations undergoing change have various types of change support staff in place. But each is not always equipped to ensure that you get the full return on investment by influencing change initiatives from start to finish. Are you, as a change leader or consultant, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and influence that allow you to strategically guide change initiatives from the start to sustained business results? Is your organization aware of the value added from change leadership?

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Is Your Change Initiative Impaired by a "Hit and Run" Sponsor? Developing Your Executive's Change Leadership Knowledge and Skills

By Linda Ackerman Anderson October 10, 2016

Sponsorship: One of the Most Important Leadership Roles in Change

In any change initiative, the sponsor is one of the most important change leadership roles. This is especially true if your change initiative is transformational where real breakthrough is the goal. By now, you probably know the data that 60-70% of all change initiatives fail. As a change leader or change consultant, you rely on your change sponsor to ensure that your change initiative succeeds. As you may have experienced, the level of skill, knowledge, and thinking of change sponsors can vary drastically. Understanding the capability of your sponsors can help you to assist in their development as change leaders to up-level the quality of their sponsorship.

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Ten Factors to Keep in Mind When Providing Employee Feedback

By Linda Ackerman Anderson September 9, 2016

The underlying intent of employee development is to create desired change from within, so that the company can succeed in making its changes stick. Providing feedback is essential to quality employee development. So, how can you deliver training feedback—whether positive or negative—in a way that promotes effective change? How do you deliver it in a way that employees will receive it well and ensure that it makes a lasting difference to them and the organization?

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How Leadership Behavior Affects Team Members and Beyond

By Linda Ackerman Anderson September 1, 2016

"It's my personal approach that creates the climate. It's my daily mood that makes the weather." -Haim Ginott

A leader has a demanding and complex role to navigate, ensuring success for the company itself, delivering results that count, and leading in a way that creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere for employees. A leader’s job does not stop at the door…

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5 Reasons Why Organizational Change Fails

By Linda Ackerman Anderson August 8, 2016

Our brains are hardwired to resist change. When change (especially organizational change) is mentioned or introduced, it often triggers a fear response, which is why most of us are so darn resistant to our familiar world deviating from what we know, even by the smallest degree.

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Getting Employees on Board with Your Change Initiatives

By Linda Ackerman Anderson July 28, 2016

Most organization transformation originates from executives, but executives cannot make transformation happen alone. Without the help of managers, employees and support staff, these big change initiatives tend to have very little success when initiated into the real world.

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How to Free Up Capacity for Change to Ensure Successful Outcomes

By Linda Ackerman Anderson May 18, 2016

For years, we have been tracking the Common Mistakes being made by leaders in how they lead change, especially transformational change. In each of our clients, we do a simple audit of these Common Mistakes to help them see which mistakes they are either making, or are prone to make as they proceed. The most common mistake we currently see in clients is not managing capacity for change.

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