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What's New with Being First?

By Dr. Dean Anderson May 4, 2016

Greetings to you,

It’s great to re-connect after a long “radio silence.” These past couple years have been jam packed. We’ve been running at full capacity with client work, and have had little opportunity to reach out and connect. But that is changing. Here’s a quick update about what we’re up to, and how you might benefit.

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Transformational Change: It's Not Just About People

By Dr. Dean Anderson March 4, 2016

I hear change management specialists saying all the time things like, “It all comes down to people. If our leaders would just focus on people, then our transformational change efforts would all succeed.”

I know that many professionals believe those words.

For me, they give me heartburn.

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A Successful Change Initiative Requires Incorporating Change Capability

By Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson February 17, 2016

If you are asked to step onto the speeding train of a major change initiative that is at risk of derailing, how do you get it back on track and help the project team understand how it got to this point, and how to make it better?

This is tough at best, especially when those currently on the train, or worse, running the train, are afraid of looking bad, are overwhelmed, and are actually in need of major help.

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A Case for Global Change

By Dr. Dean Anderson September 23, 2015

Global Change: Your inner world, your inner culture

As you evolve and your seeing becomes both broader and deeper, you begin to realize that change is very similar at all levels of reality.

Personal change parallels the same dynamics that occur in organizational change, which also models planetary change pretty darn well. The difference is scale.

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