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  • Are You a Visionary Leader?


    Are You a Visionary Leader?

    Few people aspire to win the Olympics, invent a breakthrough product, or truly make a legacy difference in the world. But as a leader, it is your job to identify what the real possibility is in your market, and then mobilize your people and organization to achieve that possibility. Visionary leaders inspire the passion and capability of their people to achieve breakthrough results. This starts with clarifying your vision.

  • Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas


    Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas

    The four key areas that visionary leaders must address to identify the breakthroughs required to achieve their big visions.

  • The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation


    The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation

    If you ask any CEO or senior executive of an organization if they have a company vision, they will say yes. If you ask most employees if their company has a vision, they will also say yes. In this day and age, everyone has a vision, but most are little more than posters on a wall.

  • Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership


    Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership

    Great transformational leaders see the big picture and the relationships between market, organizational, human, and cultural dynamics. They can see the roadmap for solving complex challenges that create new possibilities.


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Are Too Many Organizational Change Models Sabotaging Your Change Initiatives?

By | on 04, Oct 2016 |   organizational change Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology Change Project Success Factors

Many change initiatives struggle because multiple organizational change models and tools are at play simultaneously. Most organizations have invested in several ways of supporting change initiatives, [...]

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Getting Employees on Board with Your Change Initiatives

By | on 28, Jul 2016 |   culture Change Project Success Factors

Most organization transformation originates from executives, but executives cannot make transformation happen alone. Without the help of managers, employees and support staff, these big change initiat[...]

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How to Use Active Listening to Promote Positive Change in Your Business

By | on 09, May 2016 |   communications Change Project Success Factors

Therapists have long touted the importance of active listening skills in interpersonal relationships. Listening actively isn't just a way to support someone you care about, though.

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What's New with Being First?

By | on 04, May 2016 |   What's New Change Project Success Factors

Greetings to you, It’s great to re-connect after a long “radio silence.” These past couple years have been jam packed. We’ve been running at full capacity with client work, and have had little opportu[...]

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Transformational Change: It's Not Just About People

By | on 04, Mar 2016 |   transformational change culture Change Project Success Factors

I hear change management specialists saying all the time things like, “It all comes down to people. If our leaders would just focus on people, then our transformational change efforts would all succee[...]

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A Successful Change Initiative Requires Incorporating Change Capability

By | on 17, Feb 2016 |   Change Project Success Factors

If you are asked to step onto the speeding train of a major change initiative that is at risk of derailing, how do you get it back on track and help the project team understand how it got to this poin[...]

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A Case for Global Change

By | on 23, Sep 2015 |   global change organizational change Change Project Success Factors

Global Change: Your inner world, your inner culture As you evolve and your seeing becomes both broader and deeper, you begin to realize that change is very similar at all levels of reality. Personal c[...]

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