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Transforming Organizational Culture to Ensure Successful Transformational Change 

What is Organizational Culture? 

An organization’s culture is its collective mindset. The patterns of widely shared (often unconscious) assumptions, beliefs, and values that form the basis of people’s ways of being, relating, and working, as well as the organization’s interaction with and success in its environment. 

In other words, an organization’s culture shapes everything that takes place in that environment. How people interact, how things are done daily, and how projects are managed is all a direct reflection of organizational culture. 

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Do Your Change Initiatives Struggle to Get Lift-Off? The Issue May Be Ineffective Launch

Launching your change initiatives effectively is critical to ensure your highest probability of success. Effective launch minimizes the inertia and rework that saddles many change initiatives.

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Are Too Many Organizational Change Models Sabotaging Your Change Initiatives?

Many change initiatives struggle because multiple organizational change models and tools are at play simultaneously. Most organizations have invested in several ways of supporting change initiatives, including project management, change management, The Change Curve, Prosci, Continuous Improvement, Agile, and Lean Six Sigma.

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