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Video: Military Leader Development

Dean Anderson discusses military leader development at National Defense University

You can view Dean’s twelve minute presentation from 1:44:50 – 1:56:48, during which he challenges the military leaders to evolve their mindsets and create a true culture of transformation. He speaks again during the question and answer session at 2:21:53.


  • @ 1:49:00 minutes Dean Anderson discusses transformational change as a paradigm shift.
    “There has to be deep introspection….we as leaders have to turn inward”
  • @ 1:53:21 minutes Dean explains human dynamics and developmental levels
    “80% in organizations are Expert or Achievers.  It takes Individualists to design and execute transformation effectively”
  • @ 2:21:53 minutes Dean answers the audience question “Can you tell us how to avoid getting trapped in the myth of the perfect end state?”
    “In Transformation, the outcome emerges as part of the process.”

Share your thoughts: How can leaders implement mindset transformation?