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Is Leading Your Organization’s Change Like Herding Cats? Create an Integration Strategy and Alignment

By Linda Ackerman Anderson December 1, 2016

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After more than three decades of supporting executives in organizations undergoing transformational change, we can recognize common mistakes in how change is being led. These mistakes are not unique to any one organization; we see them in many organizations across industries. One of the most common mistakes is too many initiatives unleashed at the same time, often competing, colliding, or redundant. This demonstrates a lack of sufficient alignment and integration among all the changes required for an overall change program. Without it, leading transformational change can be more like herding cats.  

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Transforming Organizational Culture to Ensure Successful Transformational Change 

What is Organizational Culture? 

An organization’s culture is its collective mindset. The patterns of widely shared (often unconscious) assumptions, beliefs, and values that form the basis of people’s ways of being, relating, and working, as well as the organization’s interaction with and success in its environment. 

In other words, an organization’s culture shapes everything that takes place in that environment. How people interact, how things are done daily, and how projects are managed is all a direct reflection of organizational culture. 

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Going for Organizational Breakthrough: The Qualities that Make a Good Leader

What Makes a Good Leader? Going from Unconscious to Conscious Leadership  

Achieving organizational breakthrough requires significant transformation, and leading organization transformation requires certain qualities that make a good leader 

These qualities of a leader are influenced by the level of outcome the leader is seeking. Leaders who seek outcomes not too far out of their organization’s current comfort zone of performance can lead as they always have. But leaders pursuing breakthrough require what we call “conscious leadership qualities.” The bigger the outcome leaders pursue, the larger the challenges they face, and the more their leadership qualities must bring out the best in themselves and others, and enable them to deal with the complexities that the big challenges entail.   

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How Going for Breakthrough – and Transformational Change – Raises the Bar on Business Results, Culture and Leadership

What is Your Definition of Success?

Each of us, as leaders, wants our organizations to succeed. We may define our success differently – profitability, earnings, market share, year-over-year growth, customer satisfaction, or product innovation – but we all have a set of metrics we pursue. 

What is your definition of success? And even more importantly, how far are you reaching outside your organization’s current comfort zone of capability and performance? Your level of “reach” is critical because it sets the stage for how much you can achieve.

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Launching Change Initiatives: How to Set Them Up for Success from the Start

By Linda Ackerman Anderson October 31, 2016

Launch Your Change Initiatives on a Sound Foundation 

Launching your change initiative on a sound foundation is essential to speed, cost containment, good stakeholder engagement, and to achieving your desired outcomes. We have identified several actions for creating a solid foundation for your change initiative: 

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Up-Level Your Change Consulting Skills: Go Beyond Change Management to Change Leadership

By Linda Ackerman Anderson October 24, 2016

Most organizations undergoing change have various types of change support staff in place. But each is not always equipped to ensure that you get the full return on investment by influencing change initiatives from start to finish. Are you, as a change leader or consultant, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and influence that allow you to strategically guide change initiatives from the start to sustained business results? Is your organization aware of the value added from change leadership?

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Is Your Organization Suffering from These 6 Symptoms of Poor Change Leadership?

No business leader worth their salt would run their business without a solid business strategy. In today’s dynamic marketplace, executing those business strategies often requires change, frequently massive transformational change.

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Do Your Change Initiatives Struggle to Get Lift-Off? The Issue May Be Ineffective Launch

Launching your change initiatives effectively is critical to ensure your highest probability of success. Effective launch minimizes the inertia and rework that saddles many change initiatives.

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Is Your Change Initiative Impaired by a "Hit and Run" Sponsor? Developing Your Executive's Change Leadership Knowledge and Skills

By Linda Ackerman Anderson October 10, 2016

Sponsorship: One of the Most Important Leadership Roles in Change

In any change initiative, the sponsor is one of the most important change leadership roles. This is especially true if your change initiative is transformational where real breakthrough is the goal. By now, you probably know the data that 60-70% of all change initiatives fail. As a change leader or change consultant, you rely on your change sponsor to ensure that your change initiative succeeds. As you may have experienced, the level of skill, knowledge, and thinking of change sponsors can vary drastically. Understanding the capability of your sponsors can help you to assist in their development as change leaders to up-level the quality of their sponsorship.

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Client Breakthroughs: "What I See Now"

By Leslie Crain October 7, 2016

A year ago, I had the realization that there was something I wasn't seeing in my work as an organizational change professional. With 7 years of change management experience under my belt, here I was supporting another change and for the second time in my career, a part of this transformational change implementation wasn't going smoothly. It was clear that several months of rework would be required to achieve the results we sought. It was frustrating, and it was time to figure out what I wasn't seeing so as not to make this same mistake blindly again.

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