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Being First Team

Being First Team

We guide visionary leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to Achieve Breakthrough in business results, culture, leadership, and executive team performance, while building world-class change leadership capability. We are pioneers teaching Conscious Change Leadership, and provide a complete System of Transformation to our executive clients. We are not your typical consultants. Since our beginning, our primary business strategy has been to walk our own talk—to learn, grow, transform, and breakthrough to ever-increasing heights in who we are as people and what we can do as professionals. We strive every day to become models of the best humans we can become, while delivering the most innovative and impactful transformational solutions. While we don’t always achieve these goals, they are forever our intent and practice.

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  • Are You a Visionary Leader?


    Are You a Visionary Leader?

    Few people aspire to win the Olympics, invent a breakthrough product, or truly make a legacy difference in the world. But as a leader, it is your job to identify what the real possibility is in your market, and then mobilize your people and organization to achieve that possibility. Visionary leaders inspire the passion and capability of their people to achieve breakthrough results. This starts with clarifying your vision.

  • Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas


    Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas

    The four key areas that visionary leaders must address to identify the breakthroughs required to achieve their big visions.

  • The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation


    The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation

    If you ask any CEO or senior executive of an organization if they have a company vision, they will say yes. If you ask most employees if their company has a vision, they will also say yes. In this day and age, everyone has a vision, but most are little more than posters on a wall.

  • Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership


    Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership

    Great transformational leaders see the big picture and the relationships between market, organizational, human, and cultural dynamics. They can see the roadmap for solving complex challenges that create new possibilities.


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Stop Playing the "Blame Game" in Your Organization with a Shift in Mindset

By | on 04, Sep 2017 |   achieving breakthrough organizational culture employee engagement mindset conscious change leadership

Achieving breakthrough in business or cultural results requires people operating at higher states of thinking and acting. The mindset and behavior of blaming curtails high performance. Blame culture i[...]

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The Power of the Co-Creative Approach to the Big Win

By | on 14, Aug 2017 |   change leadership achieving breakthrough employee engagement mindset win-win-win co-creating

Co-creating is a way of thinking and relating with others who are working toward the same outcomes. It is a simple and powerful approach that completely alters the terrain of political mine fields and[...]

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Capacity Planning for Change: Balancing Operations and Project Work

By | on 01, Aug 2017 |   capacity for change organizational capacity

Capacity is what enables people to get their work done, be it their normal day-to-day work or their change work. Having adequate workload capacity to do both when required is essential to their succes[...]

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The Impact of Political Dynamics During Change

By | on 25, Jul 2017 |   culture change leadership human dynamics of change organizational politics

Some of the most powerful forces occurring in change are both pre-existing political dynamics and those created when you implement change. People naturally want things to go their own way, to be viewe[...]

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Four Indicators of Your Stakeholder’s Readiness to Change

By | on 17, Jul 2017 |   capacity for change organizational capacity Change Project Success Factors

For your change initiative to succeed, your stakeholders need to be willing and ready for change. Ensuring their readiness to change is an important part of both your change strategy and your organiza[...]

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Increase Your Organization’s Bench Strength in Change through a Strategic Change Center of Excellence

By | on 12, Jun 2017 |   change leadership change strategies Enterprise Change Best Practices Strategic Change Center of Excellence

Most organizations have a range of internal change consultants, typically found in different departments, such as project management, organization development, change management, quality, process impr[...]

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Five Levels of Success in Organizational Change: Which Are You After?

By | on 15, May 2017 |   organizational change beyond change management Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology Change Project Success Factors

How do you define success in your organization’s change efforts? Without giving this question much conscious thought, the change leaders, project managers, or the change consutlants may say “solve the[...]

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Being First is Now an ACMP Qualified Education Provider

By | on 08, May 2017 |   What's New leadership development 4Sight Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology

We are happy to announce that we were recently named Qualified Education Providers for Certified Change Management Professionals (CCMP™).

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Accelerate Your Organizational Change by Building a Critical Mass of Support

By | on 08, May 2017 |

A powerful way to generate momentum and readiness for organizational transformation is to consciously build a critical mass of support for your new directions. Remember the “snowball effect”? It is a [...]


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