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Being First Team

We guide visionary leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to Achieve Breakthrough in business results, culture, leadership, and executive team performance, while building world-class change leadership capability. We are pioneers teaching Conscious Change Leadership, and provide a complete System of Transformation to our executive clients. We are not your typical consultants. Since our beginning, our primary business strategy has been to walk our own talk—to learn, grow, transform, and breakthrough to ever-increasing heights in who we are as people and what we can do as professionals. We strive every day to become models of the best humans we can become, while delivering the most innovative and impactful transformational solutions. While we don’t always achieve these goals, they are forever our intent and practice.

Organizational Change, Employee Engagement, Human Dynamics of Change

Addressing Core Human Needs: Vital to Succeeding at Organizational Change

Change Leadership, Breakthrough, Employee Engagement, Mindset, Win-Win-Win, Co-creating

The Power of the Co-Creative Approach to the Big Win


Capacity Planning for Change: Balancing Operations and Project Work

Culture, Change Leadership, Human Dynamics of Change, Organizational Politics

The Impact of Political Dynamics During Change

Capacity, Change Project Success Factors

Four Indicators of Your Stakeholder’s Readiness to Change

Change Leadership, Change Strategies, Enterprise Change Best Practices, Strategic Change Center of Excellence

Increase Your Organization’s Bench Strength in Change through a Strategic Change Center of Excellence

Organizational Change, Beyond Change Management, Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology, Change Project Success Factors

Five Levels of Success in Organizational Change: Which Are You After?

Leadership Development, 4Sight, Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology

Being First is Now an ACMP Qualified Education Provider

Accelerate Your Organizational Change by Building a Critical Mass of Support

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