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Being First is Now an ACMP Qualified Education Provider

By Being First Team May 8, 2017

We are happy to announce that we were recently named Qualified Education Providers for Certified Change Management Professionals (CCMP).

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The Success of Organizational Transformation is Linked Directly to the CEO’s Behavior

By Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson March 20, 2017

Major change in an organization, especially transformational change, demands that people change personally—how they think, how they behave, and how they alter their ways of working that the transformation requires to sustain its value to the business. Executives must understand the leadership behaviors required of them. Stakeholders will look to the executives to see, or more likely to test, if the change is real for their leaders. So, the first person who must demonstrate the validity of the change is you, as CEO!

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Up-Level Your Change Consulting Skills: Go Beyond Change Management to Change Leadership

By Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson October 24, 2016

Most organizations undergoing change have various types of change support staff in place. But each is not always equipped to ensure that you get the full return on investment by influencing change initiatives from start to finish. Are you, as a change leader or consultant, equipped with the skills, knowledge, and influence that allow you to strategically guide change initiatives from the start to sustained business results? Is your organization aware of the value added from change leadership?

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Ten Factors to Keep in Mind When Providing Employee Feedback

By Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson September 9, 2016

The underlying intent of employee development is to create desired change from within, so that the company can succeed in making its changes stick. Providing feedback is essential to quality employee development. So, how can you deliver training feedback—whether positive or negative—in a way that promotes effective change? How do you deliver it in a way that employees will receive it well and ensure that it makes a lasting difference to them and the organization?

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How Leadership Behavior Affects Team Members and Beyond

By Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson September 1, 2016

"It's my personal approach that creates the climate. It's my daily mood that makes the weather." -Haim Ginott

A leader has a demanding and complex role to navigate, ensuring success for the company itself, delivering results that count, and leading in a way that creates a positive, encouraging atmosphere for employees. A leader’s job does not stop at the door…

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Video: Military Leader Development

By Rosie McGowan May 13, 2015

Dean Anderson discusses military leader development at National Defense University

You can view Dean’s twelve minute presentation from 1:44:50 – 1:56:48, during which he challenges the military leaders to evolve their mindsets and create a true culture of transformation. He speaks again during the question and answer session at 2:21:53.

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