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The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation

By Dr. Dean Anderson September 26, 2017

If you ask any CEO or senior executive of an organization if they have a company vision, they will say yes. If you ask most employees if their company has a vision, they will also say yes. In this day and age, everyone has a vision, but most are little more than posters on a wall.   

When you go a level deeper and ask, Is your organization actively pursuing your vision? Is it alive in people’s minds daily as they make decisions? Is it the priority-setting benchmark for resource allocation?”, both leaders and those in the workforce hesitate, often responding, “No”. 

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Talk is Cheap! Successful Change Initiatives Depend on an Early and Sustained Employee Engagement and Communication Strategy

By Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson February 20, 2017

Here is a troubling fact directly impacting the success of change: The people most affected by changes in their organization are not asked what they think will work best to achieve what the organization needs. Many leaders don’t consider asking for input from target group stakeholders when designing or implementing changes. 

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How to Use Active Listening to Promote Positive Change in Your Business

Therapists have long touted the importance of active listening skills in interpersonal relationships. Listening actively isn't just a way to support someone you care about, though.

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