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What's New with Being First?

Greetings to you,

It’s great to re-connect after a long “radio silence.” These past couple years have been jam packed. We’ve been running at full capacity with client work, and have had little opportunity to reach out and connect. But that is changing. Here’s a quick update about what we’re up to, and how you might benefit.

New people, new perspective 

First and foremost, we’ve added to our team with three wonderful new members who are fully committed to “putting their Being first” and growing themselves from the inside out, like everyone else here at Being First is. Sheila Wright has come from Denver and serves as Executive Assistant, writer, and all round contributor to support our consultants and their client delivery. Sheila is a bright light with incredible intuitive and organizational skills. Noella Montoute comes from Dallas and is our new Client Services Manager. Talk about being service oriented, Noella brings her peaceful presence and deep devotion to supporting our clients. Dianna Bensch comes to us from Los Angeles and is our first ever marketing manager. Dianna’s exuberance and clarity is a joy, and she delivers a huge contribution daily. Rosie McGowan, our long-time business manager, continues to keep us all in line. Her unconditional commitment to her self-development provides a mobilizing force for our co-creative culture.

Seems crazy to hire a marketing manager when we can hardly keep up with client work, but we have an ulterior motive. We are committed to “changing the way change is perceived and pursued.” We want to up-level the conversation in the market about all three areas of our expertise: 1) catalyzing breakthrough in leaders – from the inside out, 2) leading organization and culture transformation, and 3) building world-class change leadership capability. Dianna is here to drive these dialogues.

Expanding the dialogue 

After nearly 40 years in business, we’ve got stories to tell, and learning and best practices to share. With Dianna’s kick in the butt, we have started blogging regularly to share our methods and practices. We re-launched this newsletter to provide you access to resources on a regular basis. We’ve created a new website, and will continue to post video interviews and conversations with industry leaders there, as well as provide you free change tools and other resources. Please go check it out - especially the Resources page for articles, books, white papers, recorded webinars, and videos.

We'll be keeping our Facebook and LinkedIn pages fresh, delivering social media posts, and even tweeting to expand the dialogue about personal and organizational transformation. Please join in these conversations. We'd love to hear your comments and get your input.

Next-level coaching

We’ve launched new offerings, one being the Leadership Breakthrough Intensive, three days of intense coaching with two Being First coaches at once. Yes, that’s why it’s called “Intensive.” It generates personal change at a deep and sustainable level like nothing else.

Our 4Sight program for developing advanced change leadership and consulting skills continues to amaze us. Check out these video testimonials from past participants, and listen to the depth and presence they bring.

You will be hearing from many of the consultants, trainers, coaches, and facilitators in our family via our blog. Primary contributors will likely be Linda Ackerman Anderson, Andrew Johnson, Michael McElhenie and myself.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up. See you soon,

Dean Anderson