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We guide visionary leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to Achieve Breakthrough in business results, culture, leadership, and executive team performance, while building world-class change leadership capability. We are pioneers teaching Conscious Change Leadership, and provide a complete System of Transformation to our executive clients. We are not your typical consultants. Since our beginning, our primary business strategy has been to walk our own talk—to learn, grow, transform, and breakthrough to ever-increasing heights in who we are as people and what we can do as professionals. We strive every day to become models of the best humans we can become, while delivering the most innovative and impactful transformational solutions. While we don’t always achieve these goals, they are forever our intent and practice.

Sponsorship, Enterprise Change Best Practices, CEO Insights

Why Traditional Change Sponsorship is Insufficient for Transformation

Strategy, change audit

How a Strategic Change Audit Ensures Your Transformation is on Track

Current Events, Change Consulting, Organization Consultants, Career

The Great Resignation: What's Next for Change & Organization Consultants?

Culture, Breakthrough, Employee Engagement, Mindset, Conscious Change Leadership

Stop Playing the "Blame Game" in Your Organization with a Shift in Mindset

Leadership, Organizational Change, Breakthrough, Mindset, Win-Win-Win, Co-creating

Going for the Big Win in Your Organization

Organizational Change, CEO Insights, Transformational Leadership, Change Project Success Factors

Why Leading Organizational Change and Transformation Requires Overt Course Correcting

Change Strategies, Launch Strategy, Governance, Decision-making

The Decision-Making Process that Drives Successful Transformation


Tying your Organizational Case for Change to your Business Strategy Sets You Up for Success

Change Leader's Roadmap Methodology, Assessments

Types of Assessments that Achieve Results from Organizational Change

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