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  • Are You a Visionary Leader?


    Are You a Visionary Leader?

    Few people aspire to win the Olympics, invent a breakthrough product, or truly make a legacy difference in the world. But as a leader, it is your job to identify what the real possibility is in your market, and then mobilize your people and organization to achieve that possibility. Visionary leaders inspire the passion and capability of their people to achieve breakthrough results. This starts with clarifying your vision.

  • Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas


    Achieving Breakthrough Requires Transformation in Four Key Areas

    The four key areas that visionary leaders must address to identify the breakthroughs required to achieve their big visions.

  • The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation


    The Post-Visioning, Get Real Conversation

    If you ask any CEO or senior executive of an organization if they have a company vision, they will say yes. If you ask most employees if their company has a vision, they will also say yes. In this day and age, everyone has a vision, but most are little more than posters on a wall.

  • Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership


    Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership

    Great transformational leaders see the big picture and the relationships between market, organizational, human, and cultural dynamics. They can see the roadmap for solving complex challenges that create new possibilities.


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Vision Statements: Approaches, Techniques and Tips for Building a New Organizational Vision

By | on 30, Jan 2018 |   company vision organizational transformation organizational design

The process of envisioning is as important as the vision you create. Conscious Change Leadership teams typically decide to involve a significant part – or even all – of the organization in the visioni[...]

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Co-Create Your Transformational Vision with Vitality and Purpose

By | on 16, Jan 2018 |   company vision co-creating transformational leadership transformational change

What fuels the momentum for transformational change? Transformation has more vitality and purpose when it is inspired by a vision statement (a desired future state) that compels unified action through[...]

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Mastering Challenging Conversations with Resistors During Organizational Change: Guidelines for Facilitating Effective Meetings

By | on 08, Jan 2018 |   organizational change communications

Major change triggers people into a range of challenging emotional reactions. There are many approaches and tools to support people in making the emotional shift out of resistance to committing to mak[...]

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Addressing Core Human Needs: Vital to Succeeding at Organizational Change

By | on 20, Dec 2017 |   organizational change human dynamics of change employee engagement

Every person has six primary core needs. We each have all six to some degree, but one or two are usually dominant and drive most of our behavior. You could say that these one or two are how we are wir[...]

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How to Practice Mindfulness to Unlock Human Potential

By | on 12, Dec 2017 |   mindfulness conscious change leadership Visionary Leaders Conscious being

People often share with me their “aha moment” of pleasant surprise when they first realize what the name of our company, Being First, means. Being First is a double entendre: If you want to be first –[...]

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Change Sponsorship Best Practices: Capacity Planning for Breakthrough Results

By | on 05, Dec 2017 |   capacity for change sponsorship organizational capacity

There are two critical factors that have a dramatic impact on the success of change—adequate capacity and the assurance of the right skills and knowledge to fulfill the requirements of the future stat[...]

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Self-Mastery: The Foundation of Co-Creating and Great Transformational Leadership

By | on 27, Nov 2017 |   co-creating self mastery transformational leadership

Great transformational leaders have many traits and characteristics in common:  They see the big picture and the relationships between market, organizational, human, and cultural dynamics.   They see [...]

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Human Dynamics in Organizational Change

By | on 13, Nov 2017 |   human dynamics of change organizational change culture transformational leadership

What is Transformational Change?  Transformation is a unique type of organizational change that often triggers significant human dynamics that, if not addressed, can become the cause of failure. Often[...]

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Change Sponsorship Best Practices: Planning Full Project Scope

By | on 07, Nov 2017 |   CEO Insights scope management sponsorship

All sponsors want to secure the best content solution for the issue they are solving, especially if it is at the level of an organizational breakthrough. In fact, this is the easy part of leading chan[...]

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